A "yes and..." mindset. In conversation with Jakob Storjohann.

Have you ever wondered what improv theatre and idea generation have in common? What about a mindset that is key to success for both.

A few days ago I had a highly interesting conversation on “idea talks” with Jakob Storjohann, the founder of ideanote.io about everything from his performance career to challenges of idea generation, and he gave a very cool list of top five things you can learn from improv theatre to become a better idea generator. Among them adapting the

“Yes and…”

mentality. The technique is to embrace existing conditions and add something new to the mix. The thing is, when you start thinking “yes and…”, you open yourself up to additional thoughts. New solutions. Different perspectives. Play. Isn’t that what idea generation is all about?

On the theatre stage they practice this intentionally. In real life you need to actively remind yourself to do the same.

You will find the episode here. Enjoy!