Idea Generation Reading List Feb 2021

I take it that, since you are here, you are an Idea Generation enthusiast. So I have taken the liberty of creating a reading list of interesting articles, books and stories by both yours truly and others to further nourish your curiosity. I am not going to overwhelm you because there is not that long left of February, so prepare for the March list to be longer. But for now:


“The Idea Bucket List” (by me) - an interesting take on what ideas to focus on during the rest of your career. It sounds dramatic, I know. But kind of a cool take on what to leave behind as your legacy.

“Why downtime is the secret to productivity” (Nicolas Cole) - we’ve been over this. An idea needs its’ incubation time. Downtime is one of the best options of incubation time. Plus, Nicolas Cole is a pleasure to read.

“7 Quotes by Albert Einstein That Will Change How You Think” (Sinem Günel) - a beautiful, and somewhat nerdy sum up of great words but one of the world’s greatest.

“Which comes first: the Idea or the Customer” (by me) - one of the most geeky, and most fun articles I’ve ever written. I’m applying “the chicken or the egg” question on Idea Generation.


The Idea Book by Fredrik Hären. If you haven’t already, you need to get your hands on one (available in most languages) - and not only read it, but actively use it. OMG, the amount of notes in mine… some go as far back as 2004, which is pretty damn cool!

Weekend is coming. Muddy weather ahead. Enjoy your reading!

Original photo: Mark Cruzat for Pexels