Is your idea of YOU truly yours...?

If I’d ask you to describe yourself in a few sentences - what would they be? Would you tell me what you think I want to hear or would you give me your authentic self? No offence, most people would either sugarcoat, smooth over or simply give an answer that they think is expected. I know, I’ve done that, multiple times and it’s so very easy to stay in your lane and go with the flow.

The problem begins when those sentences that are not entirely correct become your truth and your standard. You see, I bet (I bet for a free version of Idea Lab) that when describing yourself, you actually tone down yourself. And the same goes for most things we do in a day. I do believe that most people surpress themselves on a daily basis. Why? Because we want to belong, and a part of us likes it under the radar (if this does not apply to you - fantastic! A huge percentage of my readers are Swedish and I think that some are nodding their heads now).

If you create something for a living, then NATURALLY, you need to find a way to stand out in the crowd (or have a humongous marketing budget for whatever it is your are making). The best way - in my opinion - is to be your most authentic self. Because very few people dare to. Then, and only then, your idea of you will become truly yours. The minute you stop pleasing people and delivering what you think they want. Because your unique qualities, flaws and quirks is exactly what makes you you and the thing the customers mean when they refer to “the person behind the product”.

So… let’s do an exercise. Let’s describe ourselves in a few sentences. I’ll start:

Hi, my name is Magdalena and I schedule my life around my rescue dog. If I can’t bring him with me, I won’t take a gig. The quality of my work is very important to me and I’ll nerd with something until I think that it will give the recipient that “wow”-feeling. My optimal thinking space is a completely empty room and my style is Minimalistic Extreme (the one with the smallest number of stuff wins). I dress in black and drink questionable amounts of black coffee. I think sleeping is overrated and you can ask me anything on “The Bachelor”.

Your turn.